My Photographs of Indonesia, India, Afghanistan and Thailand.

Below are my photographs, taken in many different places of the people I’ve encountered throughout the years either in connection with my international assignments with the United Nations or during my holidays. Some are in black and white and some in colour. I did two photographic books with UNICEF on children. The Galong, River Boy of Thailand, and Ketut, Boy Woodcarver of Bali. Enjoy!

A Balinese fish trader and her son waiting for the fisher-

men to bring fish from the sea. Bali, Indonesia, 1969.

A Balinese fisherman and his boat. Bali, Indonesia, 1969.

A school boy putting up his artwork for other students

to see in an outdoor class in Kabul, Afghanistan. 1968.

Afghan school boys in national costume, dancing and

singing, Kabul, Afghanistan, 1969

Bihari school girls having school lunch under the UNICEF

food program during the drought in Bihar, India, 1968.

A Balinese farmer taking his ducks out for a walk in the

rice fields. Bali,Indonesia, 1969.

A Javanese woman drying rice in the mid-day Sun in

Central Java, Indonesia, 1968.

A Rubber grower checking sap in the morning in Haadyai

Province, Southern Thailand, 1970.

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