“When a Man Hunger’s”

In the late sixties I had the honour of working for UNICEF in Asia. In 1967 I co-directed and co-wrote a small movie called “When a Man Hungers” with my late husband. We both worked for UNICEF at the time. The movie is about the drought in Bihar, India and the UN mission therein. It was originally aired as part of the UN television series. I’m very proud of all the work we put into this over thirty years ago. It’s a testament to the foundations of Development Support Communication. I’ve made a very small clip of this film available for viewing here. The file is over 30mb so if you’re on a slow internet connection this might take quite a while. Here is the link for the movie. It’s 28 minutes long.

If you’ve got problems viewing the film, then you might need to install
Quicktime on your computer. It’s made for either Mac or PC and can be installed very quickly, free of charge.

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