Gender Personal Choice

Should people be allowed to alter the sex on their birth certificate even if they have not had sex-change surgery?
This is a question that is being discussed right now in community forums and by members of the New York City Board of Health. I have a simple answer to this question, that “freedom” means people are in total charge of their own bodies, therefore they ought to be able to decide whether to live a life as a man or a woman. Nature has equipped some species of fish with a capacity to change sex. Human beings are not that well equipped for they have to rely on sex-changed surgery by doctor’s, which is now a booming business in Asia. Thailand is now called the capital of sex-change. But sex-change surgery costs money and not many people can afford it. To be fair, all people should be allowed to have their personal choice on this.
A word of caution for a person who wants to make this sex-shift without going through the surgery; he/she must be prepared for life-long turmoil and confusion in social interactions with other people. This matter is not just a change of the boxes in one’s birth registration certificate, cross-dressing or exaggerated mannerism of one sex or the other, but it is a serious matter in dealing with existing prejudices in most traditional societies and in marriage laws, drafting and military services, parenting and child-adoption, children’s education and school administration. Most difficult of all, I think, would be the struggle to psychologically cope with the confusions of other people’s perceptions as to who you really are, while at the same time maintaining your own good mental health.

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