Female Police Officers for UN Peacekeeping Operations

One of the most successful work in mainstreaming gender into peace and security of the United Nations is the Police Division’s peacekeeping operations. The UN has set target for increase the number of female police officers of 20 per cent by 2014. Ann Marie Orler, the UN Police Division Chief, has made good progress to recruit more women for rapid deployment capacity to fulfill peacekeeping missions in conflict areas around the world. She has also called on Member States to increase their national effort to deploy more female police officers to work for the United Nations. Noteworthy recent successes of her effort can be seen in that Bangladesh and India sending all female Formed Police Unit to Haiti. Earlier on, India had also sent an all female Formed Unit to peacekeeping work in Liberia. Namibia and Tanzania sent dozen of female police officers to peacekeeping operation in Sudan. One hundred and thirty-six female police officer have joined the UN-African Union peacekeeping force in Darfur. These female police officers working with the UN team come from Bangladesh, Gambia, Ghana, Namibia, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. An addition 19 female police officers will be sent to Darfur from Pakistan later this year. In total, there are 86 countries that contributed officers to UN Police. Nigeria, Bangladesh, India, Ghana, South Africa, Zambia, Nepal, Namibia, Philippines, Uganda are among the top ten contributors of the 1,218 female UN Police officers this year. The UN Police Division develops action plans and guidelines for UN peacekeeping work in full cooperation with Interpol, European Union, African Union and other interested member states. The presence of female police officers provides the people with trust and confidence in the police, especially when dealing with sexual and gender-based violence. I am encouraged to see that the United Nations is moving forward in the right direction to meet the goal of gender equality in peace and security. I highly recommend to those who are interested, the reading of the excellent UN Police Magazine which I find to be most useful in catching up with news about this important UN police work to promote the rule of law, human rights. It also helps to create a condition for long-term peace building. The Fifth edition of the magazine has just been published, giving updated information on the global effort to recruit female police officers and statistics on men and women who work effectively in peacekeeping operations in trouble spots around the world.

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World Wide News FlashOctober 4th, 2010 at 3:22 AM

Female Police Officers for UN Peacekeeping Operations | Mallica ……

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NdapandaJuly 13th, 2011 at 3:56 PM

I acknowledge the fact that the women of this world have finally stood up to a men empowerd world to prove that women dont only belong in the kitchen but we can make a difference in this world of violence. Women today stand up and make the world a peacefull haven, as it was given to us by the Lord Almighty. As a Namibian police officer I want to take this oppertunity to congratulate all the women who are risking their lives for the good of others. Their doing a job well done!!!!!!!!
Sgt. Foibe Ndapanda Nashima

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