Beautiful Comet’s Picture

I am stunned to see the picture of Comet Hartley 2. It is so beautiful. We really live in a miracle time that we can follow a Spacecraft flying by the various objects that existed in our universe. A space craft, equipped with a high resolution camera, had captured the images while moving pass the comet at the distance of 435 miles. The most amazing thing is that the camera can even capture so very clear the jets of water spraying out of it’s cone when it turned to faced the Sun. No doubt scientists and engineers will analyze for us the data and information about this comet that they have collected from this ongoing EPOXI Mission. For this moment, I just want to thank them NASA for giving me new knowledge about the nature and behavior of Comet Hartley 2 as it hovers through Space. Being a photographer myself, it is a joy to see those amazing pictures of the comet, taken from different distances and angles. I love to see those materials spewing from one end of the comet’s surface. Congratulations to NASA for this successful mission. Fantastic!

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