On January 25th, the United Nations General Assembly (GA) adopted Resolution 65/17 following the UN Secretary-General’s 2010 Report on the Middle East Situation. This indicated that the Assembly and the international community want Israel to stop its illegal action of imposing its laws, jurisdiction and administration on Jerusalem. Thirty years ago, the Assembly determined that all legislative and administrative measures and activities taken by Israel, as the occupying power, had altered the character and status of Jerusalem. The Assembly considered the “basic law” on Jerusalem and the proclamation of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel as null and void and must be rescinded. As far as I know, Israel has not taken any positive action to implement any of the General Assembly resolutions on Jerusalem. Not long there after, the UN Security Council decided not to recognize the so called “basic law” on Jerusalem. Instead of listening to the opinions of the World body and international community, Israel went ahead in the construction of the wall in and around East Jerusalem and ignored the advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice on the legal consequences of the construction of a wall in the occupied Palestinian Territory. Israel has continued on with the destruction of Palestinian homes, evicting as many Palestinian families as possible from East Jerusalem, replacing them with Jewish settlers.This delinquent behavior of one member state of the United Nations should not be allowed to go on and on, years after years, with impunity.This year’s General Assembly resolution on Jerusalem stresses the importance of taking into consideration the concerns of both the legitimate Palestinian and the Israeli sides in negotiation for a just and lasting peace. Jerusalem is a holy city of the three major religions: Christianity, Islam and Judaism. The Assembly wants to see that permanent, free and unhindered access to the holy places by the people of all religions and nationalities be assured by the international community. As far as I am concerned, Jerusalem must be put under International Authority as envisaged by the General Assembly Resolution 194. I agree with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon when he said that Jerusalem must be the capital of both Israeli and Palestinian if peace is to be achieved. He has my support in leading the United Nations’ efforts to make sure that we see progress on this issue because it is an important first step towards peace in the Middle East.

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