Intellectual Property

I am happy to join people in all countries to celebrate the 2011 World Intellectual Property Day on April 26. It is important to recognize the vital role of Intellectual Property in economic and social development. I want to use this occasion to express my appreciation of the work of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) a UN Specialized Agency. Intellectual property is a creative expression of the mind . A book, a song, a play, or a painting are intellectual properties. Without the legal protection, inventions of scientists or technologists, and the creativity of writers, artists, composers, photographers, cinematographers are opened to exploitation in the world commercial markets. WIPO work prevent an unauthorized use of the expressions of creative ideas of people around the world, including myself and my work in computer art. Copy Right laws help in preventing my paintings and digital images from being stolen from computer screen for commercial publishing without my authorization. World artists and writers benefit from the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic works. WIPO works to develop Intellectual Property laws and standards and provides global protection services from the headquarters in Geneva, and through the representatives around the world. WIPO staff also help to organize a forum for debates on Intellectual Property issues concerning traditional knowledge, cultural expressions and genetic resources. Paintings and images, whether created by brush, or via computer program, have commercial values and can be used in architectural design or industrial products. I find the WIPO Handbook useful in giving me knowledge of the legal complexity of patents and copy rights questions. WIPO chooses this year’s theme to focus, “Designing the Future”. It is an occasion to underscore the important role and contribution of today’s designers in shaping the future of our world.

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