A Woman On A White Horse

On May 16, an opposition political party, Pheu Thai voted for Yingluck Shinawatre as its No 1 candidate on the party list system to compete with Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva a leader of the Democrat Party in the coming July national election. Don’t even think for a moment, that this is progress for Thai women in politics. Yingluck does not stick her neck out in the political arena for the advancement of women or gender equality in Thailand. She has done this to advance her family business, to become a nominee, or a clone of her brother, the fugitive, self-exiled, former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra . One retired Army General, a crony of Thaksin, came out publicly to praise Yingluck, calling her “A woman on a white horse” to lead Thailand out of economic problem”. He even said that she will win big in the election, and become the first female Prime Minister of Thailand. In electing her to lead, Pheu Thai party think that Thai women will be happy to vote for her even when they know that she has no experience whatsoever in politics. I am not so sure that it will happen. Thai voters, whether males or females, are not so stupid as to vote for just anyone that Thaksin sets up to work for him. Yingluck is his “sacrificial lamb”. History has shown us that when a man is desperate, he often puts a woman in front to shield and guard him from danger. By allowing herself to be used this way by her brother, Yingluck shows us that she is not qualify nor is intelligent enough to become Prime Minister of Thailand. I agree with Banharn Silapa-archa, the former Prime Minister, when he warned that Yingluck should be careful and not become “A woman who falls from the white horse” after the election.

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