Negotiate The Future We Want

Informal negotiations on the draft Outcome document for the UN Conference on Sustainable Development at the UN Headquarters begins tomorrow on 19 and will end on 27 March.The draft is based on the Conference’s theme on a green economy, poverty eradication, and the institutional framework for sustainable development. Co-Chairs and the Bureau of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development Secretariat Preparatory Committee will incorporate the substantive input received from the Member States.These comments from the regions will be compiled and integrated into a new draft (called Zero Draft) which will be ready for used by government delegations and other participants at the June 20-22 World Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. When adopted, the document will be named “The Future We Want”.The UN Environment Program (UNEP) has launched an occasional series of articles written by politicians, businesspersons, scientists. These are both useful and interesting to read as issues that will come up for further discussion in Brazil. Susana Kahn, the President of the Scientific Committee Panel on Climate Change and the Green Economy of Brazil, presented her view and perspective on “Commitment at Rio+20”. In her article, she suggested that in 2014, a green accounting system should be put in place, and each region define what their main environment and social assets are so they can be measured and valued. At this stage, she said, the green jobs should defined and accounted for. I agree with her that we are ready to make our commitment to ensure that Rio +20 becomes a landmark event for bridging the gap between economy and environment, theory and practice, and promotes innovative international partnership towards global sustainable development.

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