Preventing War On Reconciliation

Mr. Borwornsak Uwanno, the Secretary-General of Thailand King Prajadipok’s Institute (KPI), did a good job at the meeting yesterday on the Reconcilliation Research Report. He did prevent the new violent confrontation to flare up between the pro-Thaksin groups and those who opposed his Pheu-Thai Party plan for his “graceful” return to Thailand by using a majority vote in the Parliament for his amnesty. Last week the House Committee Reconciliation report had sparked turmoils in the Parliament . Mr. Uwanno did not want to see his Institute’s Research used by General Sonthi Boonyaratglin’s House Reconciliation Committee to start fights in the Parliament by politicians and political parties.He had threatened to call back the Institute’s Research if MPs continue to use it to get a majority vote in Parliament for Thaksin’s amnesty. He called for a broader discussion and debate on the content of the KPI Research Report and its proposals. Not wanting the Parliament to rush into considerations of the General Sondhi’s Reconcilliation Report and to hurry the adoption by majority vote of the Pheu-Thai Party MPs, he proposed that the House only “acknowledge” the report. He urged that the Opposition Party, the Democrats, and the people in the country engage in a constructive dialogue on the controversial proposals. He asked that the media when report on the reconciliation process to do so with a balanced view. He also asked the people not to believe in any comment on the proposal until they read the short and the full versions of the report for themselves. I recommend that those who are interested should also read the reports of the independent commission led by Mr. Kanit Na Nakorn, The Truth for Reconciliation Commission of Thailand (TRCT), set up by the Democrat-led coalition government last year, have just released its’Third Progress Report (July 2011 – March 2012). After reading all the reports involved, people will then get a full picture of what has been going on in the whole process of reconciliation in Thailand. Reconciliation will take time. It cannot be done in a hurry to be beneficial to a certain individual. The conflict and division in the country are too deep. They require a well-planned public education and communication-support programs to change existing attitude of animosity against those who have different ideas in how the country should be organized and run. Respecting the rule of law and opinions of other citizens are key ingredients in a democratic form of governing a country. Thailand is no exception.

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