Earthday Celebration

The world celebrates Earthday 2012 on Sunday April 22. It is important for each of us to do something that we think will benefit our Earth on this special day. In 1969, when I first saw the picture of the Earth taken from space, I thought that the Earth looks so fragile and vulnerable. As a human being, and one of the creatures that live on this earth, I willingly join others in taking responsibility to do the utmost to safeguard the Earth and our environment. There are many things that we can do alone or together to celebrate Earthday. We can clean up our rivers and beaches. We can increase our knowledge and study more about environment problems that we are facing today: population growth of humans and some animals; urbanization; climate change; deforestation; pollution; loss of bio-diversity; global warming and rising of sea level. Since 1972, the World had join together at the first meeting on Human Environment in Stockholm, Sweden to take action on the Environment. We have set up common principles. We have made declarations on the fundamental rights to freedom, equality and adequate condition of life and at the same time, we agree to bear responsibility to protect and improve the environment for the present and future generations. We have together manage and plan the use of our limited natural resources on earth for common good. We have made our determination to monitor the discharge of toxic substances and release of heat, greenhouse gas that can do damage to our Earth’s environment. We have decided to stop pollutions of water ways, the sea and the air. As we are preparing for the Rio+20 Meeting in June on the Environment, it is good that on this Earthday that we look back a bit to re-read the Declaration of the UN Conference on Human Environment adopted in Stockholm twenty years ago to see how far we have come. We have made much progress in awareness-creation of environment issues, but I don’t think we have come very far in taking action to solve the problems.

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