Compromise Is Necessary For Peace

It is difficult for me to see real peace in Thailand even when leaders of the two political factions agreed to meet and talk. Members of Parliament are still in fierce fights on constitution change this week. The political divide in Thailand is too deep among the population at large and not on two or three individuals.It is far beyond the recent public demonstration of smiles and handshakes by heads of the Government and the Privy Council. Politicians talk “reconciliation” while at the same time provoke hatred among Redshirts and those who oppose them with song and speech through social media network and mass media. Most people are concerned with daily living struggling to cope with the rising price of oil, gas. electricity, and food. They do not want to see more street demonstrations and violent fights. There is no way out of this problem in the near future, except when the leaders of all sides can come up with a compromise on how to make changes in the Constitution that all Thai citizens can live with and agree on common strategy to drive the country forward economically.

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