Marine Biodiversity

Today we celebrate the International Day of Biodiversity under the UN chosen theme “Marine Biodiversity”. Despite our common efforts during the past twenty years, variety of life in the ocean have disappeared because of pollution and over-fishing. The United Nations estimates that about 30-35% of the global extent of critical marine environments have already been destroyed. This is largely the result of human activity that can be changed. It is not only that we treasure the variety of life on earth but also we have to change our human destructive behavior. Together we have to make an urgent and decisive action to conserve and maintain genes, species and ecosystem. Scientists tells us that there are known 250,000 species of marine life. We have to make sure that they are not destroyed. We cannot exist without the variety of life in the oceans which produces a third of the oxygen that we breath. The healthy oceans have supplied us with the important protein-food sources, the healthy variety of which have sustained our health and well-being. Fishes are important sources of protein to 40% of world’s population. Our survival is linked to them and also to the thriving mangroves forests, coral reefs, seagrass beds, hydrothermal vents sponges, seaweeds and other microbial life. I cannot emphasize enough that our life on this earth depends on biodiversity.Thanks to the United Nations for making us aware of the importance of Biodiversity.

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