The Wonder of Social Media

Social Media was wonderfully active this week in connecting people around the World to join discussions and seminars on the “future we want”, the theme of the ongoing United Nations Conference on Environment and Sustainable Development (Rio+20) holds in Brazil. I don’t have to pay for a trip to Rio de Janeiro to join in the these discussions or express my opinions on safeguarding the environment human rights to clean water. Sitting in my own apartment in New York City, I can join the various social media networks and become part of the most important global dialogues at this point in time. There are so many sites available via Internet Livestreams, Facebook, and Twitters as access to participate in naming: the United News Centre; #@UN_Women; #Rioplus20; #WomenRio; #GreenEconomy; #Rioplussocial; #RightsRio; #FutureWeWant. There are special websites on #water and #Waterday to link the issues of water and sanitation to the environment and sustainable development discussions. My participation in the Rio+20 Conference, through these social media and networks, has made me aware that we live in today’s World that really divides its population into two groups: those that are electronically connected and those that are not. Information technology is still out of reached by millions of people around the World. We need to put more efforts soon to close these communication gaps. The follow-up to the action plans for the future we want when agreed in Rio+20 Conference requires a full participation of every human being living on this Earth.

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