Truth & Reconciliation

It was with good intention that the Abhisit Government set up the Truth For Reconciliation Commission of Thailand in 2010. This independent commission, headed by Kanit na Nakorn, was to investigate and collect evidence on the violent clashes between the redshirts street demonstrators and the national security force, causing the lost of 92 lives, and the injury of many. The final report has just come out, and the public reaction to it is mixed. Some people think the report is good and fair. But there are others who hated the report . The redshirts did tear up the report in front of the press, saying that it was one sided in blaming Thaksin Shinawatra as the main culprit of the trouble in Thailand. They suggests to the Yingluck Government to throw out the report because they think that it will further create more division between the Thai people. The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay on Tuesday urged the present government to act on the report’s good recommendations. Especially to hold state officials to account and address the institutional weaknesses that the report identified. Even if the Commission does not have the power to enforce its’ recommendations, their report will be useful to the people in the long run. It gives the learning institutions an opportunity to educate the public about how Thai political conflict got started during the past two years and by whom. Political institutions will also gain insights from the report which they can use it to find solutions to the present problem or to prevent future violence. I think we should not expect reconciliation to happen soon. It will not happen because the country cannot face up to the truth . Thailand is still very much divided between those people who opposed Thaksin and his way of leadership and those who loved him and wanted him to return to Thailand, no matter what.

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