New Initiatives In Safeguarding Environment

It is a good time at the beginning of this year to take stock of good news in safeguarding our world’s environment. In Spring, this year the World Resource Institute will launch a website that gives us high-resolution near real-time images and statistics to monitor the disappearing of world’s forest. Two countries, Indonesia and Brazil, should be proud of themselves for making progress in the decline of deforestation. But a lot of work still needs to be done to grow more trees and to maintain good condition of existing forests for the health of our planet. We have to do more than just “hugging a tree” or making a rhetoric statement about how the forest is so important to the green economy. We have been warned that more than half of the world’s original mangrove forest are disappearing at the same time as the rising of sea-water due to the melting Icecaps in the North and the South poles. Progress have been made in other countries to better managing the oceans and the coastal eco-system. The Blue Carbon Community is one group that gets support from the United Nations Environment Programme. Together they have created new website to share experiences among members of the network and the rest of us in the world. This new portal will be a source of useful information on the coordinated activities in sustainable development. This significant new initiative can stop the degradation of the coastal ecosystem. The Blue Carbon Community will use information from the portal to maintain carbon storage to avoid accumulation of the greenhouse gas emission into the world’s atmosphere which is one of the main causes of climate change. To follow-up the Rio Environment Summit outcome last year, the “future that I want” is the future that an individual is able to cooperative in common action with members of governments and non-governmental organizations to deal with the problem of climate change in a comprehensive way. Climate change must be treated seriously as the danger which can bring disaster to all life on earth. No matter which continent that we live in, we have to get ourselves involved in taking urgent “time-framed” action during the following months of 2013.

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