Melting Ice

We have been warned by scientists and experts that the World’s temperature is rising and that Global Warming is the global crisis facing us. But still there are many skeptics who do not believe in climate change. In 2005, James Balog, the famous National Geographic photographer set out on a photographic mission to the Arctic to capture images as proof that the ice and glacial are really melting because of increase heat in the earth’s environment at an alarmingly fast rate. As a result of this monumental work, we can see with our own eyes what happens to the ice at the North Pole in the documentary film “Chasing Ice”. The film is the most convincing evidence of the Earth’s changing climate. Jerry Bronson and Paula Du Pre Pesman had produced this documentary with James Balog as the main actor. I watched this fantastic 75 minutes documentary film two days ago and was impressed by the beauty of the close-up picture of ice block formations and the movement of the melting glaciers falling into the oceans. It is an incredible nature’s wild image. The photography is not only superb, but also it tells us the frightening message of the danger of changing climate that could flood many places on our earth. It convinces me that climate change is real and that we have to face it together. Everybody should find the time to watch the film and enjoy seeing beauty of ice images that no one has ever seen before until now.

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