High-tech Hospital

Is high-tech and digitized hospital an answer to having a quality health care for people living in today’s world? It is the question that I have after reading about new Hight-Tech Hospital recently opened in Bangkok, the Ramkhamhaeng . The aim of this private hospital is to give efficient and faster services to patients and paid customers. The hospital’s administration proudly made announcements that they are equipped with the most modern computer network system for registration of patients, robots to dispense drugs. They give to patients smart identification card which include a guide containing data and barcode. They would inform the patients, as they enter the hospital compound, to use this ID card at every step of the way when they get treatment and service inside. The hospital officials also use barcode scanner to guarantee the right identification of each patient, and the matching of the name with the right record on the right file. After diagnosis of each case by doctors, who make an input of the result into the computer memory to make sure of the accuracy of the disease of each patient, the right treatment and the right prescription of medications for the patient. This is my question. Is this kind of fast, impersonal service what most of the patients want? A large number of patients in Thailand have no working knowledge of computer technology. They are not yet “into” the digital age. Many of them can barely read or write. Some have real fear of technology. Before duplicate this kind of a high-tech hospital, I suggest that a “focus group” be conducted with potential users of hospital service. My guest is that many of them would prefer to have a “human friendly” hospital rather than dealing with robots and computer touch screen and keyboard. I have nothing against high-tech hospital, but when I don’t feel well or sick walking into a hospital, I will be more comfortable to see and talk to a human person rather than insert a card into a cold machine.

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