Tribute to Nelson Mandela

For those of us who believe in the work for justice and freedom for all people, Nelson Mandela continues to be our hero even after he is gone from us. He inspired me by the way he had lived his life. By the way he fought for human dignity and equal rights in his own country, South Africa. He had given a good example to me and to the younger generations to stand-up against racial discrimination, not only in their own country, but also, no matter where we live, in all the regions. From him, I learned an important lesson that failing is not something to be ashamed of, but that it is how one stood up after the fall to fight on to achieve one’s goal, is the thing that counts in life. His dismantling of the Apartheid System in South Africa was an unbelievable achievement. For me and my UN friends who worked at the United Nations at that time, we did not believe that such system could be eliminated in one generation. Yet, that was what he did, almost single handedly, with horrible consequences that brought him sufferings in his own life, and to his own family, in spending 27 years in captivity. Although he often said to those who praised him for this achievement, that he did not contribute alone, that there were countless numbers of people who had contributed together with him in the success in the elimination of the evil system of Apartheid. I am touched by his humility, and also his kindness towards all people, even towards those who had treated him badly during the early days of the struggle. His success in creating a new multi-racial South Africa under his leadership as their first elected President has much to be celebrated. I join friends in the United Nations System in paying tribute to Nelson Mandela who had made our World a better place to live.

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B KerrDecember 10th, 2013 at 8:55 PM

I join friends in the UN in paying tribute to Nelson Mandela.

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