Decarbonize Global Economy

I am trying to be positive about the gatherings of seven leaders of the World’s riches countries last week in Germany.There are some small steps of progress to be happy about on action on the Climate Change front coming out of the G-7 Summit. The host, Angela Merkel, German Chancellor made a strong commitment at the end of the meeting on eliminating greenhouse-gas emission – getting rid of most carbon dioxide from the burning of oil, gas and coal. Other G-7 leaders also agreed on urgency to act together to solve global warming. They agreed on plans of reduction by 2050 of 40 to 70 percent in the global greenhouse-gas emission levels. There is also common determination to transform the energy sector by replacing the carbon-based fossil fuels by win,solar, and other alternative sources of energy. Germany has already led the World in win and solar energy and reduce reliance on nuclear energy for industrial use. The G-7 countries calls for all countries to take action to cause emitting climate changing greenhouse-gases over the next 85 years. Scientists have acknowledged these good steps taken by G-7, but they are critical that the action is too little too late to have real impact on climate change. The United States tries to catch up with Germany on dealing with Climate Change. This week, the Obama Administration announce plans to reign in greenhouse-gas emission from trucks, airplanes and power plants. Decarbonize the global economy is a huge goal that requires cooperation by all countries and people in agreeing to accelerate action to achieve it. Slow action on this will bring an environmental disaster that is soon to come.

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