Marine Life

Living creatures under the sea and ocean water are beautiful and diverse as you can see them in the few of my paintings under the theme of “Sea Life” series. I enjoy looking at them and painting them for use in promoting its’ conservation to safeguard the environment. No need really to emphasize that the health of marine lives depends on clean sea water and the healthy ocean environment. Therefore, I am concern to learn from the UN reports that marine lives are in danger not only from ocean pollution but also from being destroyed by human fishing activities and bioprospecting in the deep sea. It is worrisome to learn about the vulnerability of marine lives beyond national jurisdiction particularly in the seamounts, hydro-thermal vents and cold-water coral reefs. The United Nations General Assembly have been discussing biological diversity issues for some time now, and I also know that since 1993, when the Convention on Biological Diversity entered into force, some member states have taken some action, according to international law, in trying to stop the destructive fishing practices that have damaging impacts on marine biodiversity and ecosystem. The sustainable use of genetic resources is another issue of concern to International Community. It is good to know that governments are negotiating the fair and equitable sharing of the benefits arising from the use of these marine resources. This week, the Ninth UN Working Group on Marine Biodiversity Beyond Areas of National Jurisdiction meets at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. The expected outcome is to produce recommendations for a decision to be taken at the 69th Session of the General Assembly on the development of a new international instrument under the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea. I think It is our duty to support this United Nations effort to protect and conserve bio-diversity of marine lives which I think is one of the most important activity in safeguarding the world’s environment.





My Sealife Paintings

I am inspired by the beautiful colour combinations of fish and marine life. My impressionistic paintings bring out the natural patterns and designs from fish, sea shells, seaweed, corals and other various underwater plants.
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1968 to 2006 © Mallica Vajrathon. all rights strictly reserved.

My Paintings of Birds and Wings.

Wings of butterflies, birds, moths and beatles are full of colorful combinations, shapes and patterns. My impressionist paintings inspired by winged animals are designed to highlight the beauty of these complex combination of colours.
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1968 to 2006 © Mallica Vajrathon. all rights strictly reserved.

My Paintings of Leaves and Plants

Most people like to paint flowers, but I like to paint leaves and plants as well.
The patterns of palm and lotus leaves when the sun shines behind them is fascinating to me. I did a set of twelve paintings and a calendar under the theme of a Parade of Leaves four years ago. Since then, I have continued to find new patterns, forms, and colors to paint.

1968 to 2006 © Mallica Vajrathon. all rights strictly reserved.

My Photographs of Indonesia, India, Afghanistan and Thailand.

Below are my photographs, taken in many different places of the people I’ve encountered throughout the years either in connection with my international assignments with the United Nations or during my holidays. Some are in black and white and some in colour. I did two photographic books with UNICEF on children. The Galong, River Boy of Thailand, and Ketut, Boy Woodcarver of Bali. Enjoy!

A Balinese fish trader and her son waiting for the fisher-

men to bring fish from the sea. Bali, Indonesia, 1969.

A Balinese fisherman and his boat. Bali, Indonesia, 1969.

A school boy putting up his artwork for other students

to see in an outdoor class in Kabul, Afghanistan. 1968.

Afghan school boys in national costume, dancing and

singing, Kabul, Afghanistan, 1969

Bihari school girls having school lunch under the UNICEF

food program during the drought in Bihar, India, 1968.

A Balinese farmer taking his ducks out for a walk in the

rice fields. Bali,Indonesia, 1969.

A Javanese woman drying rice in the mid-day Sun in

Central Java, Indonesia, 1968.

A Rubber grower checking sap in the morning in Haadyai

Province, Southern Thailand, 1970.

“When a Man Hunger’s”

In the late sixties I had the honour of working for UNICEF in Asia. In 1967 I co-directed and co-wrote a small movie called “When a Man Hungers” with my late husband. We both worked for UNICEF at the time. The movie is about the drought in Bihar, India and the UN mission therein. It was originally aired as part of the UN television series. I’m very proud of all the work we put into this over thirty years ago. It’s a testament to the foundations of Development Support Communication. I’ve made a very small clip of this film available for viewing here. The file is over 30mb so if you’re on a slow internet connection this might take quite a while. Here is the link for the movie. It’s 28 minutes long.

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