I’ve turned my paintings into many home related products. Technological advances in printing systems and the readily available materials have made this all possible. I’m able to apply my paintings to a wide range of surface material including : wood, canvas, porcelain and rice paper. Below you will find pictures of the types of products I have on offer. Drink coasters, Meal Trays and Serving Dishes, Scarves, Lamps and Mugs. At this moment I can take orders for these products via email, but you’ll soon be able to buy these products directly from this site. To order please click on my email address at the “Contact” box in the upper left side of the screen above.

Here are some samples of my greeting and gift cards. They’re all taken from my paintings and will be on sale here shortly. The paper used for these cards is Asian Sa’ paper, which is made up of mulberry bark fibers. Sa’ paper is a symbol in southeast asia, and is used creatively all over the region. It’s a simple and beautiful reminder of the fragility of the environment. You’ll enjoy the lovely texture when writing on this card to your loved ones. These cards can be made into 4×6 size as shown below, or larger.
Nearly any size is possible. If you’d like a specific order, please contact me via email at the “Contact” link to the right.

Soon you’ll be able to purchase prints of my work right from this site. In the meantime please contact me at the “Contact” section in the right column. Until this online shop is fully functional I’m taking orders via email only.

These posters are made from my paintings with Haiku’s and other poems to inspire peaceful thoughts on nature’s beauty and promote environmental action. If you’d like to print this out on your printer, you can click here to download a high resolution A4 size (8″x10″) version for free.

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